1:1 ONLINE Coaching

Our highest level service ensuring we are with you every step of the way in building the ultimate version of you

Grapple Machine client Ash - Triple Polaris Champ - Unstoppable

Ongoing 1:1 coaching is our Premium service allowing you to work directly with the Grapple Machine coaches.

The whole process is specifically tailored to you allowing for a ground up approach to your training schedule and a bespoke nutrition experience. 

We have a track record of excellent results from the Amateur to World Class Pro level and can get you exactly where you want to go.

With this approach you leave nothing up to chance and have support every step of the way. Your coaches will tailor your programming around on and off season, big competitions and other events to keep you progressing whatever the circumstances.

As always the program is specifically designed to fit around your existing grappling training – ensuring you miss no mat time.

Being part of Grapple Machine and working with Tom has been an excellent experience.

The constant communication and working with someone who is familiar with the sport means the program has always worked around my primary focus of grappling.

he is very knowledgeable in his field and has a nutrition expert on board to provide additional expert guidance

Ash Williams

Triple Polaris Champ
It’s been great working with Tom – it’s definitely helped me with getting stronger and benefitting my jiujitsu especially since Tom does BJJ himself, he understands my goals as an athlete so it makes the process much easier. Tm is a supportive coach that always helps me when I need it (which is a lot) never complains about how many questions I ask and is always happy to help anytime.

Jed Hue

ADCC British Champion

Who I am and why you should listen to me

My name is Tom and I am the founder of Grapple Machine.

I hold a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Japanese Ju Jitsu Black Belt and have competed in MMA and Submission Grappling for over a decade. During that time I created a system to help really optimise my athleticism for grappling.

Since then I have specialised in working with grapplers from amateur to professional level helping them become bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful athletes.

My mission is to cut through the bullshit and deliver tried and tested systems specifically tailored for grappling athletes to reach their true potential.