ONLINE Coaching

Have Grapple Machine in your corner ongoing to ensure maximum progress and results

Grapple Machine client James - getting shredded and crushing it in the cage

Ongoing Monthly programming takes you beyond the Hybrid Program and will upgrade your training to new levels.

Fully customised to you and your goals, online coaching will help you put Grapple Machine in your corner to ensure the absolute best results. Whether you want to increase your strength, build muscle or improve your fitness – we’ve got you covered. 

With this approach you can have your programs tailored around on and off season, big competitions and other events to keep you progressing whatever the circumstances.

The program is specifically designed to fit around your existing grappling training – ensuring you miss no mat time.

Grapple Machine got me shredded lol! I went from 88kg to 73kg and am fitter and leaner than ever without losing any muscle. I can now compete in a lower weight class and feel stronger than ever in competition.


Blue Belt
As a smaller guy trying to make solid progress in grappling while simultaneously trying to achieve greater lifts, I would highly recommend this programme.
Not only have became more explosive in grappling and stronger in 2/3 Of the big lifts, but due to the composition of the programme I also felt less tired as the week went on and felt I could give every roll my all.
Within the group there’s also a lot of technique and dietary help, which is great.



Grapple Machine have planned my strength and conditioning for a long time now. I don’t need to over think things, just turn up to the gym and follow my program. I’ve seen awesome results and spend less time in the gym than ever before.


Amateur MMA Fighter

Who I am and why you should listen to me

My name is Tom and I am the founder of Grapple Machine.

I hold a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Japanese Ju Jitsu Black Belt and have competed in MMA and Submission Grappling for over a decade. During that time I created a system to help really optimise my athleticism for grappling.

Since then I have specialised in working with grapplers from amateur to professional level helping them become bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful athletes.

My mission is to cut through the bullshit and deliver tried and tested systems specifically tailored for grappling athletes to reach their true potential.