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A great introduction to what can be achieved with Grapple Machine. Thanks for sharing the knowledge that’s usually kept for your top athletes. I can’t wait to see the improvements this programming will make to my game.


White Belt

I always wanted to get involved with strength and conditioning but never did. The fear of the unknown was too great, there is so much information out there that you feel constantly contradicted. Tom during this 14 day challenge, really helped dispell a lot of the myths out there and helped broaden my understanding. Tom breaks everything down into fine detail, this gives everyone a full understanding on every topic covered. The investment Tom places in you, he celebrates your success in the challenges, motivates you to keep going when you need it most and answers every question asked.



The 14 day Grapple Machine Challenge cleared up so much confusion I had with my gym training. Tom gave such good, clear and interesting information – I still can’t believe it was FREE! Highly recommend taking part. 


White Belt

The challenge really helped me realise things I had been getting wrong in my training. After the 14 days I feel so much clearer and more comfortable planning my training and nutrition. Tom busted a lot of myths and all of his information was really tailored to grapplers. Thanks again


Martial Arts Coach

Who I am and why you should listen to me

My name is Tom and I am the founder of Grapple Machine.

I hold a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Japanese Ju Jitsu Black Belt and have competed in MMA and Submission Grappling for over 2 decades. During that time I created a system to help really optimise my athleticism for grappling.

Since then I have specialised in working with grapplers from amateur to professional level helping them become bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful athletes.

My mission is to cut through the bullshit and deliver tried and tested systems specifically tailored for grappling athletes to reach their true potential.