MILO OF CROTON Ever heard of Milo of Croton? He is a very interesting character who lived in 6th Century BC Greece. Milo was a six-time Olympic champion. He won the boys’ wrestling title and progressed to win five men’s wrestling titles between 536 and 520 BCE. He also won seven crowns at the Pythian Gamesat Delphi, ten at the Isthmian Games, …


Why I love Bicep Curls.

Why I love Bicep Curls. Perhaps the most loved exercise amongst ‘gym bros’ and the most hated amongst ‘serious athletes/functional coaches’ – the humble Bicep Curl. The Bicep Curl falls into a category of exercise that a lot of coaches like to rubbish, usually under the guise that it’s ‘not functional’. I’ve heard this so …

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So you got injured

So you got injured Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional and you should always consult a physician before stating any exercise program. The following post contains ideas and methods I have used with myself and a multitude of clients when dealing with injury. If you’ve lifted or trained hard for any period …

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