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Become a Sleep Assassin

I’ve talked previously about how Netflix beats stretching for recovery – but remember ‘relaxation’ is still a relatively small percentage of effective recovery when compared to the big 2: Sleep & Nutrition  So today I thought we would talk sleep.  Sleep is probably the single biggest factor in terms of whether or not you can manage your …

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Being Ripped in BJJ

Being Ripped in BJJ Can I train functionally for BJJ and still look ‘Aesthetic’? A question I get asked a lot by students and clients is, is it possible to train specifically for BJJ and Grappling whilst looking ripped/aesthetic? This is an interesting question so I thought I would share some ideas and opinions with …

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Flexibility is Overrated

Previously I wrote about whether Strength or flexibility was most useful for Grapplers. (check it out here) We looked at some pros and cons of both and why you might choose one over the other.  I ended up confessing if I could pick only one to train it would be STRENGTH but not just for the reasons you think…   Sure …

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January Gym Newbie

January Gym Newbie 5 tips to set you on course for success 1. Ask if you don’t know ‘Oh, I’m Sorry. I don’t know how this machine works ‘– Starlord It’s ok to ask, it really is. Most people in the gym, even those going for the last 10 years, have little to no idea …

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Lockdown Cutting Journal

Optimising Athleticism In the quest for optimal athleticism (via improved body composition) I work through a schedule of cutting, maintaining and massing. The end goal of this process is to become a bigger, stronger and more dynamic athlete.   Whats the point? The Purpose of this process is to ensure that I am bringing the …

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MILO OF CROTON Ever heard of Milo of Croton? He is a very interesting character who lived in 6th Century BC Greece. Milo was a six-time Olympic champion. He won the boys’ wrestling title and progressed to win five men’s wrestling titles between 536 and 520 BCE. He also won seven crowns at the Pythian Gamesat Delphi, ten at the Isthmian Games, …



Review of ‘APE STRONG’ by Daniel Strauss AKA The Raspberry ape

Daniel Strauss AKA The Raspberry Ape recently dropped his DVD ‘Ape Strong’ Grip Training for Grapplers. Anyone that follows his social media will know he posts a whole host of interesting and innovative training techniques from bending horseshoes to lifting stones to swinging axes in the snow! But how good is ‘Ape Strong’? Will it …

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So you got injured

So you got injured Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional and you should always consult a physician before stating any exercise program. The following post contains ideas and methods I have used with myself and a multitude of clients when dealing with injury. If you’ve lifted or trained hard for any period …

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Strength vs Flexibility

During a recent Q&A session I was asked if Strength or Flexibility was more important for a Grappler and could you improve both simultaneously…? I often find this is a common question and a lot of people fall hard into one camp.  The double leg, smash pass and rip your arm out of the socket guys will …

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The 4 Pillars

The Four Pillars What is Strength and Conditioning and how does it fit into your grappling training? Strength and Conditioning is a term often thrown around in grappling circles but rarely understood. There seems to be two camps on the matter; one is a strong advocate of this training whilst the other says ‘technique conquers …

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Train Hard

Training Intensity Previously I talked about training SMART not just HARD but I feel I need to clarify… YOU DO NEED TO TRAIN HARD Training intensity is incredibly important and making sure that your training is actually challenging is key to your progress. However just being hard is not enough – it must also get …

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Train Smart not just Hard

Train Smart not just Hard This is a message to everyone, however I see this in abundance in combat sports athletes so a special memo to them today. First off lets get one thing straight you should be training hard, with good structure and decent intensity or your results will definitely suffer. However Training hard …

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Upgrade your Sleep

Sleep is integral for any grappler wanting to excel on the mat.  Improved cognitive function, improved performance, better body composition, more energy, better health – the list goes on and on!   I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I’m going to lay out exactly how you set up a sleep routine to maximise recovery, increase gainzzzz and …

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Why I love Bicep Curls.

Why I love Bicep Curls. Perhaps the most loved exercise amongst ‘gym bros’ and the most hated amongst ‘serious athletes/functional coaches’ – the humble Bicep Curl. The Bicep Curl falls into a category of exercise that a lot of coaches like to rubbish, usually under the guise that it’s ‘not functional’. I’ve heard this so …

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